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Unsure about selecting e-commerce translation and localisation services that convey accurate meaning, maintain cultural context, and possess superior customer assistance?

Don’t compromise on quality and risk jeopardizing your global reach. With the labyrinth of options, the task may seem daunting.

Fear not, in this article we’ve got you covered.

Dive in to explore which E-Commerce Translation & Localisation services stand out as the best in the field!

#1 RWS E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services

Accuracy of TranslationSuperb, with AI-enhanced multilingual capabilities & decades of experience
Localization QualityHigh, offering advanced localization and transcreation services
Customer SupportExcellent, with tailored solutions to specific business needs

RWS is an extraordinary service for e-commerce translation and localization. With 60 years in the industry, they bring unmatched experience and expertise to the table.

The service’s exceptional accuracy in translation is driven by their AI-enhanced multilingual capabilities, ensuring precise and meaningful connections with audiences globally.

The quality of their localization work is superb. RWS not just translates but transcreates, crafting content that resonates with the cultural and regional nuances of their client’s target markets.

A notable testament to their work is Jaguar Land Rover, which has benefited from cost and timeline reduction through RWS’s advanced localization service.

Finally, RWS’s customer support is phenomenal. They tailor their solutions to match their client’s specific business needs, making them an effective partner in overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.

This capability, combined with their comprehensive range of language, content management, and intellectual property services, makes the RWS E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services a number 1 choice in its category.

#2 Toppan Digital STREAM

Accuracy of TranslationHighly accurate, industry-specific translations
Localization QualityExemplary, thanks to deep understanding of local cultures and languages
Customer SupportResponsive, flexible, and customer-focused

As a lead player in E-commerce translation and localization, Toppan Digital’s STREAM platform provides comprehensive language solutions.

Their highly accurate, industry-specific translations can help businesses effectively communicate with customers globally.

Their impressive understanding of local cultures and languages ensures top-notch localization quality. With an ability to interpret and transcreate content in over 250 languages, Toppan Digital’s service is undeniably expansive.

Customer focus and flexibility are two key features of their customer support. They are quick to adapt to changing requirements making them a trusted partner for many global businesses.

Additionally, their responsive support team maintains a smooth workflow and ensures customer satisfaction.

In a nutshell, Toppan Digital STREAM stands out as an excellent choice in the realm of E-commerce translation and localization services. It offers tailored, technologically empowered, and top-quality solutions for businesses aiming for international success.

#3 Acclaro E-Commerce Translation Service

Accuracy of TranslationCombination of machine translation and human oversight ensures high accuracy.
Localization QualityLeverages customised and scalable strategy for superior localisation.
Customer SupportComprehensive assistance available via website, phone, and email.

Acclaro’s e-commerce translation and localisation service stands out for its combination of technological innovation and human expertise.

The use of a translation management platform facilitates a streamlined process, ensuring accurate translations in over 125 languages.

Moreover, Acclaro’s strategy-driven approach focuses on resonating with local markets, showing an understanding of the importance of cultural context in successful localisation.

Their client list boasts leading brands, confirming Acclaro’s reputation for quality service. While not the ultimate go-to among e-commerce translation and localisation service providers, this product holds its own, especially when considering its blend of machine efficiency and human insight.

Exceptional customer support rounds off this compelling offer, making Acclaro a worthy choice for those seeking top-tier e-commerce translation and localisation services.

#4 e2f E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services

Accuracy of TranslationHigh accuracy due to AI use and rigorous testing
Localization QualityCustom integrations, APIs, and connectors for quality localization
Customer SupportAvailable globally with six international offices

When it comes to E-commerce translation & localisation services, clients in various sectors like digital marketing, banking & finance, and the travel industry attest to the excellence of the e2f’s solutions.

With this service, your business can effortlessly harness the potential of over 200 languages, extending your digital footprint to international users.

Their sophisticated use of AI combined with their insistence on rigorous pre-delivery testing guarantees translations of the highest accuracy. This ensures that no meaning is lost, giving your e-commerce site the best chance to succeed across diverse markets.

e2f factors in localization quality, an aspect businesses often sidestep, to improve user experience for clients worldwide.

Whether via APIs, custom integrations, or connectors, their seamless process ensures your site feels local to every visitor, fostering a trusting customer relationship.

Their international presence, with six offices around the globe, avows their commitment to customer support. Being able to provide local support to queries in real-time gives e2f an edge in customer satisfaction.

Overall, opting for the expert services of e2f can provide an immense boost to your E-commerce business, enhancing your international presence, and guaranteeing the satisfaction of your global customers. This hands-down one of the essentials in cultivating a thriving, globally recognized online business.

#5 Milengo E-commerce Translation and Localisation Services

Accuracy of TranslationHighly accurate translations carried out by experts fluent in over 170 languages.
Localization QualityAdvanced localization services fine-tuned to meet the needs of the client’s target audience.
Customer SupportOpen communication channels, with efforts constantly put towards improving processes and customer relations.

Milengo establishes itself as a reliable choice for businesses seeking translation and localisation services.

They demonstrate solid expertise alongside a track record of over 30 years, holding a renowned position both globally and in Europe. Their services are not just limited to language translation, but they effectively provide comprehensive localization services as well.

The company’s dedication to integrating their translation expertise with advanced technology aids in delivering efficient and effective solutions.

This integration proves instrumental especially for businesses dealing with IT, hardware, e-commerce, and marketing. Milengo’s translation quality is not only accurate but also adheres to the localization norms, ensuring that your brand establishes a strong foothold in international markets.

Numerous testimonials from their clients highlight their dedication to timely delivery and exceptional communication. Moreover, their unique offering of a free test translation allows potential clients to assess their capabilities firsthand.

Choosing Milengo for your translation and localisation needs, thus, signifies a partnership with a company that constantly strives to provide nothing but the best.

With Milengo, you’ll always be one step ahead in bridging language barriers while expanding your business internationally.

#6 Translated Professional E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services

Accuracy of TranslationMatched by T-Rank system to the most qualified translator
Localization QualityCustomizable solutions provided for a variety of professional fields including apps, travel, and e-commerce
Customer SupportDedicated team ready to assist and provide solutions

As a prominent player in the industry, Translated Professional E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services brings a combination of rich experience, technologically advanced solutions, and an expansive translator network to meet diverse, complex needs.

The meticulous means through which the assigned translations are facilitated through their T-Rank™ sorting system, enables highly accurate, contextual, and high-quality translations in a multitude of languages.

Another invaluable asset to Translated Professional E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services’ reputation is their customizable localization solutions. They can cater to several professional fields, making it especially reliable for e-commerce companies.

The inclusion of apt customer support is readily available to walk you through each step of the process, ensuring smooth operation. The cherry on top is their development of seamless integration APIs, which fortifies their position among professional translators.

With their capacity to cover future needs like Google Ads translation and software localization, Translated Professional E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services has certainly earned its spot in the list of best E-commerce Translation & Localisation Services.

#7 Language Scientific Translation Services

Accuracy of TranslationHighly accurate medical and technical translations by specialized linguists
Localization QualityExtensive experience in localization across various domains
Customer SupportDedicated customer service with a focus on customer satisfaction

Distinguished for its exceptional translation accuracy, Language Scientific Translation Services stands as a premier solution in the realm of E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services.

The company uses specialized linguists in high-end fields like clinical research and medical devices, guaranteeing precision in medical and technical translations.

Outstanding localization quality is another feature the company takes pride in. Industry-specific expert linguists ensure that localization aligns with local customs, practices, and regulations.

Thus, delivering a service that transcends language boundaries, capturing the essence of the target locale.

But it’s not just about translation and localization; customer support is equally top-notch. Their dedicated customer service guarantees prompt responses and support, ensuring every client feels valued.

Hence, whether you’re a biotech company, a pharmaceutical firm, or a contract research organization, Language Scientific Translation Services is a reliable e-commerce translation partner built to overcome complex linguistic challenges and deliver quality.

This company’s tremendous knowledge in technical fields and customer-focused approach makes it a popular choice in the E-commerce Translation & Localisation Services sector.

#8 Supertext Localization and Translation Services

Accuracy of TranslationHighly accurate; provided by over 3,000 professional translators
Localization QualityMarketing-oriented translation and transcreation for global reach
Customer SupportProactive customer support from teams located in Zurich, Berlin, and Los Angeles

For businesses expanding into global markets, the Supertext Localization and Translation service is an exceptional choice for maintaining brand voice and message integrity.

They offer thorough translation in more than 100 languages, driven by a team of 3,000 handpicked professional translators.

Supertext prides itself on delivering top-notch localization quality. This isn’t just translation; it’s transcreation, with an understanding of cultural nuances to adapt branding campaigns, advertisements, websites, videos, and other digital content in ways that resonate with different markets.

Their customer support is set across time zones, with teams in Zurich, Berlin, and Los Angeles to ensure support is available when needed. Additionally, Supertext’s plugin integration with popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Drupal is a smart feature that adds convenience to their service.

What sets Supertext apart is its emphasis on marketing-oriented translation and transcreation, an approach that’s seen them collaborate with top-tier clients like LinkedIn and Headspace.

Given these attributes, it’s easy to see why Supertext Localization and Translation Services earns our recommendation among the best E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services.

#9 Apostroph Group E-Commerce Translation Services

Accuracy of TranslationHighly accurate, over 70 languages serviced
Localization QualityQuality language management by combining human language intelligence with latest translation technologies
Customer SupportUser-friendly website and customer portal (myAPOSTROPH) offering personal support and expertise

Apostroph Group, an established translation agency based in Switzerland and Germany, offers quality e-commerce translation and localisation services that cater to international companies as well as smaller businesses.

They cover an impressive scope of over 70 languages with a high degree of accuracy, thanks to a team of qualified language experts coupled with the latest translation technologies.

The localisation quality of Apostroph Group is impeccable, focusing primarily on key areas like life sciences, ICT, and financial services. They also do translations for e-commerce, which significantly helps businesses extend their reach and connect with international customers.

Another strong point is its customer support: a user-friendly website replete with comprehensive language services, language technologies and references.

Their customer portal, myAPOSTROPH, enables clients to manage their projects, track deadlines and integrate with their CMS and ERP systems.

With their efficient systems, language expertise and translation technologies, Apostroph Group makes a good option among e-commerce translation and localisation services.

#10 Inlingo GameDev Outsourcing Studio

Accuracy of TranslationHighly rated, with no reports of translation errors from players
Localization QualityExtensive knowledge of varying international markets, ensuring high localization quality
Customer SupportDedicated project manager offered for efficient communication and responsiveness

With over nine years in operation, Inlingo GameDev Outsourcing Studio has fortify its reputation in the gaming industry with top-notch localization services in over 40 languages.

Their understanding of success factors in variable international markets, coupled with a dedicated project manager, contributes to their outstanding localization quality.

This sets them apart as a prime choice for any serious developer seeking top-tier E-commerce translation and localization services.

Moreover, Inlingo’s accurate translations are reflected in the lack of translation error complaints from players, further vouching for their proficiency in the game localization segment.

In addition to these, the narrative design, art, voiceover, and quality assurance that they offer provide further assurance for their comprehensive customer support, making Inlingo a reliable and worthwhile consideration.

Checklist: What makes a great Best E-Commerce Translation & Localisation Services

  • Accuracy of Translation: It’s crucial that the service maintains excellent translation accuracy. Non-native speakers and AI should not feel different from a native speaker’s work. This ensures your message reaches its intended audience without any misunderstanding or misrepresentation.
  • Localization Quality: Successful e-commerce needs more than just translation, it needs localization. The service should focus on adapting the content to the specific cultural, societal, and linguistic context of the target audience. This way, your message resonates and sets you apart in a foreign market.
  • Customer Support: Customer assistance should be quick, responsive, and capable of addressing your specific needs. Whether the support teams are located globally or you have a dedicated project manager, a quality service will ensure smooth and efficient communication.
  • Technological Advancements: The inclusion of features such as AI-enhanced multilingual capabilities, translation management platforms, and seamless integration APIs can streamline the translation process and increase efficiency. They also help maintain translation accuracy and enhance localization.
  • Experience and Reputation: Another factor to consider is the service provider’s experience in translating for various industries, and their reputation among clients. Extensive industry knowledge and pages full of successfully completed projects can serve as reassurance of their capabilities.


What makes a good e-commerce translation and localisation service?

A good service maintains accurate translations, adapts content to the cultural context of the target audience (localisation), provides responsive customer support and leverages advanced technology for efficiency.

Why is localisation important for e-commerce?

Localisation is key as it ensures your content resonates with the cultural, societal, and linguistic context of your foreign audience, thus improving user experience and increasing global reach.

What role does customer support play in e-commerce translation services?

Customer support is vital for addressing specific needs, ensuring smooth communication and making the process efficient. It’s highly beneficial when teams are located globally or provide a dedicated project manager.

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